I've taught general computing at university (first year). 90% of the room didn't know how to do a Google search, the difference between Google and the internet, what a .png was, what cci in a mail meant, etc etc.

There's a reason FAANG dumb down their UIs, and there's a reason apps like Tik Tok and Snapchat have been very popular among zoomers. This generation does computing on their phones, which have simple, efficient, but not very empowering UIs. Hence, yeah, if you want adoption from those, you need a lot of abstraction.

If you think Tik Tok is wrong and shouldn't spend dozens of millions on UI/UX designs, feel free to tell them, I'm sure they'll be very interested in saving a lot of cash.

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"I sometimes wonder if we (say 28+ years old, I’m 29) are the boomers solving UX problems we imagine are real, but ones more technologically savvy younger people don’t care about.

With the mentality of a good product manager at one of the FANG companies, we’re all about simplifying the UX."

I'm 23 and my two younger brothers are 21 and 17 -- none of us have ever had issues navigating crypto tools. For the internet-native, digital assets are pretty intuitive tbh.

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100% agree. Boomers started from email and it felt natural which wasn't natural at all for generations above them.

Similarly, gas, signing, wallets will feel natural to zoomers though they boomers uncomfortable.

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Correct — the utility is the problem. There is no reason to jump through the hoops. In the bull market, the chance of wild wealth was enough of a reason. In a bear? Yeah we need to find it or we should shut it all down.

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